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Saturday 27. December 2014
The REC 100C Windows 8.1 MediaCenter

REC 100C Windows 8.1 MediaCenter


The Reycom Entertainment Center - REC 100C Windows 8.1 MediaCenter - connect your Windows 8.1 experience with the HDTV Cabel-Tuner (DVB-C) world.



Thursday 17. October 2013
Reycom: Cable-TV or Sat-TV - Multiroom-solution and on Tablet and Smartphones

Cable and SAT-TV in each room and connectivity with Smartphone and tablet.




Monday 07. January 2013
Reycom launches the REC 3XS – state of the art IPTV/OTT settop box

At the upcoming 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Reycom of Switzerland, OEM/System Integrator will launch the brand new REC 3XS (Reycom Entertainment Center), a flexible high performance settop box. Based on the OMAP4470 processor and wireless connectivity solutions from Texas Instruments Incor...

Friday 06. January 2012
Reycom launches the REC2XT - newest IPTV/OTT settop box Green starts now!

Reycom of Switzerland, supplier of high-quality interactive settop boxes, presents its next generation IPTV/OTT set-top box, the REC®2XT, at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Friday 06. January 2012
Reycom’s REC100 hybrid settop boxes available in ATSC, DVB-S and -T versions

@CES 2012 - Now, the REC100 ATSC-version for the US is available.


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